From Jess Phillips, 2012 candidate for Longbridge Ward:

A Message about Women, to Women delivered by Women – Longbridge Women’s Campaign

Are you a woman and do you care about how the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition is affecting women, mothers and the army of female public sector workers losing their jobs.

Could you just spare me 2 hours on the morning of 17th March to take part in a women’s campaigning day and deliver letters, to the mothers and daughters in the ward. It won’t be much effort just delivering a street or two worth of letters?

The 17th of March was chosen as it is the day before Mothering Sunday. As a mother myself I benefitted directly from tax credits and free nursery places, without these Labour Party policies I would never have been able to afford go back to work and improve the situation for me and my children.

Jess with her son

Working in women’s refuge has shown me the effects on women who have no choices or limited opportunities and I am dedicated to fighting for all women in society to make choices about their lives, their work, their children and their environment.

It is really important that this is a message about women, for women, delivered by women, so I really need your help to make this happen. GO on it is only 2 hours of your life! Why not also bring along any other women, sisters, moms, friends, daughters, aunties.

If you can help, please get in touch if you want to help in any way. If you can’t help on the day but would like to get in touch and tell me your story about how times are tough, or if your local services, like children’s centres, have been affected by cuts please contact me. I am very keen to hear from local women.

To take part in the campaign or to get in touch with Jess email:

About longbridgelabour

The Labour Party covering the Longbridge Ward in the B31 and B45 area of Birmingham

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