Despite the best efforts of the users of Longbridge Methodist Church, Longbridge Labour Councillors Andy Cartwright, Ian Cruise and Council Candidate Jess Phiilips, the Planning Committee of Birmingham City Council granted permission for a Vodafone Phone Mast right outside of the church.

When Phillip Osborne of the Methodist Church contacted your Labour Councillors with grave concerns about the Phone Mast, Andy, Ian and Jess began knocking on the doors of local residents asking them to sign a petition against siting the Mast outside of the church.  Phillip Osborne also asked the users of the church to sign his petition.  The petition was presented to City Council on 6 February by Andy.

To our shock and disgust planning permission was granted on the grounds that if permission was refused and an appeal lodged, the Council would lose the appeal and incur a cost.  The planning officer responsible stated that legislation dictated the outcome.

Both Ian and Andy, along with Jess and Labour MP for Birmingham Northfield will be writing to Vodafone requesting a site meeting to discuss an alternative site.  The B31 Voices site is carrying a template for residents to email Vodafone with their objections.  The link is

Andy, Ian, Richard and Jess are not against phone masts in Longbridge – unlike the local Tory – as they are an integral part of the communications in the area, but where masts are sited is of huge importance to them.


About Cruise's Muses

Independent thinker/doer. Failed politician. Thorn in the side of the Birmingham Labour Group. Consensus bloke when required, as long as it creates an equal society.

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