For months we have neither seen nor heard from a Tory in Longbridge – though this is not a bad thing.  But it seems they have come out of the woodwork to join in the City wide Tory protest about the phased introduction of wheeled bins.  Interestingly at ward committee this week, members of Frankley Parish Council & Street Champions were in attendance and welcomed the wheeled bins roll out.  So there’s the representatives of 3500 households in Frankley on side.   The Tories have a fixation with black bags strewn all over the street, attracting rats and foxes.   Birmingham has been behind the curve for too long on refuse and thanks to a bid put in to Government by the City’s Labour Administration, the wheeled bins won’t cost the council tax payers of Birmingham any extra.

North Worcestershire Golf Course

Yet again the Longbridge Tories are putting out their usual drivel and untruths about houses being built on North Worcestershire Golf Course.  This all stems from the Birmingham Development Plan.  The Tories have said that it is the Labour Administration that wishes to build homes on the Golf Course.  This is of course far from true for the following reasons:

1: The Birmingham Development Plan is a statutory document the Tory (The same Tories who have said Labour wants to build homes on the Golf Course) Government have told Birmingham City Council it must have in place by April 2013 and is drawn up by officers under the guidance of the planning inspectorate.

2: The Tory Government have told Birmingham City Council where possible, all green open space and green belt in Birmingham must be identified in the document as potential housing land.

Your Labour team in Longbridge met with Planning and Regeneration Officers to put the case forward for the removal of the Golf Course from the Birmingham Development Plan.  Andy Cartwright put over the concerns of the residents.  Ian Cruise followed up by informing Planning and Regeneration that any further house building in that part of Longbridge would have huge impact on local transport routes and schools.

The issue was discussed at Northfield District Committee on January 25.  Ian Cruise reminded the committee of the meeting with planning and regeneration and the reasons for omitting the Golf Course.  So there you have it.  A proactive Longbridge Labour team working for their residents, compared to the Tories who haven’t been seen or heard of for 9 months.  If you want the facts, ask your Labour MP Richard Burden or your Labour Councillors, Ian Cruise, Andy Cartwright & Jess Phillips

About Cruise's Muses

Independent thinker/doer. Failed politician. Thorn in the side of the Birmingham Labour Group. Consensus bloke when required, as long as it creates an equal society.

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